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This publication is intended to provide technical information on the GM ECOTEC engines, Hydra-Matic transmission, and Chevy Cobalt used in sport compact drag racing at the professional and sportsman level. This handbook pertains exclusively to engines and vehicles which are used off the public highways. Federal law restricts the removal or modification of any part of a federally required emission control system on motor vehicles. Further, many states have enacted laws which prohibit tampering with or modifying any required emission or noise control system. Vehicles which are not operated on public highways are generally exempt from most regulations, but the reader is strongly urged to check all applicable local and state laws. Many of the parts described or listed in this handbook are merchandised for off-highway application only, and are tagged with the following “Special Parts Notice”: 

This part has been specifically designed for Off-Highway application only. Since the installation of this part may either impair your vehicle’s emission control performance or be uncertified under current Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, it should not be installed in a vehicle used on any street or highway. Additionally, any such application could adversely affect the warranty coverage of such an on-street or highway vehicle.

The information contained in this handbook is subject to change. General Motors also reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in equipment, manufacturers, specifications, and materials, or to discontinue items. The information in this publication is presented without any warranty. All the risk for its use is entirely assumed by the user. Specific component design, mechanical procedures, and the qualifications of individual readers are beyond the control of the publisher, and therefore the publisher disclaims all liability incurred in connection with the use of information contained in this publication. Chevrolet, Cobalt, ECOTEC, Hydra-Matic, General  Motors, and GM are registered trademarks of the General Motors Corporation.

EcoTec LSJ 2.0L Power Handbook GMPD

Ecotec performance engine 300+HP

Engine assembly stages for 250 - 600 HP


Ecotec bolt pattern

ecotec transmission bolt pattern


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