Bulletin #01-08-44-004 - CD Player Skips or Ejects the CD at Random

CD Player Skips or Ejects the CD at Random (Install New Foam Seal Around Center A/C Deflector)

1999-2001 Oldsmobile Alero
1999-2001 Chevrolet Alero (Europe, Russia, Israel)

Some customers may comment that the CD player skips or ejects the CD at random.

This condition may be caused by condensation developing on the CD, due to a cold air leak around the seal of the center A/C outlet deflector.

Replace the center A/C outlet seal using the following procedure.


  1. Remove the "U" clip which holds the shifter knob to the shift lever.
  2. Remove the shifter knob.
  3. Lift up on the console trim plate, disconnect the wiring from the console trim plate lamps and switches and set the trim plate aside.
  4. Gently pull rearward on the instrument panel (I/P) accessory trim plate, starting at the bottom and working up.
  5. Disconnect all wiring and vacuum hoses and set the trim plate aside.
  6. Remove the (4) screws which retain the radio to the I/P.
  7. Pull the radio from the dash, disconnect the wiring and antenna lead.
  8. The center A/C outlet deflector is held into place by spring retainers on both ends of the lower edge. Press firmly on the bottom edge of the center A/C louver (deflector assembly) while reaching in through the radio opening and pushing up on the retaining clips of the A/C deflector. This action needs to be toward the roof of the vehicle (to release the clip), then release the pressure on the outside of the louver and slide the deflector assembly out of the I/P opening. It is pressed into the I/P or front loaded. The retaining clip pinches the I/P trim pad between the lower edge of the center A/C outlet deflector and the retaining clip.
  9. Reach in through the radio and A/C duct opening and peel the foam seal from the cross car A/C duct.
  10. Place the new seal to the A/C cross car duct. Insure attachment is secure.
  11. Install the A/C outlet deflector to the I/P and press firmly into position.
  12. Attach the wiring and the antenna lead to the radio. Install the radio in the I/P.
  13. Install the (4) radio retaining screws.
    Tighten the screws to 2N·m (18 lb in).
  14. Connect the vacuum hose connector and all wiring harness connectors to the I/P accessory trim plate. Place the I/P accessory trim plate to the I/P and press into place.
  15. Connect the console shift indicator lamp harness and traction switch harness to the console trim plate and install the console trim plate.
  16. Install the shifter knob and spring clip.

Parts Information
22678268 Seal, Air Distribution Duct


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